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Wholesale Hat Manufacturing Company List

1. New Era Cap Co., Inc.

About: New Era is a prominent American company known for manufacturing high-quality baseball caps and headwear. They have a strong presence in sports apparel and offer various styles and customization options.

2. Yupoong

About: Yupoong is a well-established hat manufacturer, known for snapback caps and trucker hats. They have a global reach and offer diverse headwear options.They manufacture hats for some of the most reputable brands in the sports, streetwear, action sports, golf and outdoor markets, while offering a wide selection of the best wholesale blank hats.” Yupoong maintains manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh and Vietnam with annual manufacturing capacity exceeding 20 million plus pieces.

3. Flexfit

About: Flexfit LLC (the US sales and distribution agency of Yupoong INC.)Flexfit is a global manufacturer specializing in fitted caps. They produce a wide range of headwear products and have a significant international distribution network. Flexfit US distribution centers are located in California and and New York. 

4. Otto International

About: Otto International is a company with a wide range of hat and cap products. They cater to various styles and preferences.

5. Kangol

About: Kangol, a British company, is renowned for its stylish headwear, including berets and bucket hats. They have a reputation for fashion-forward designs.


6. Bollman Hat Company

About: With a rich history, Bollman Hat Company is a U.S.-based manufacturer offering a variety of hat styles, including classic and contemporary options.

7. Yiwu Doral

About: Doral is a well-known premium hat manufacturer based out of China. Doral’s mission statement is “to redefine the meaning of headwear.” Its’ products “not only look good, but perform exceptionally well.” It aims for apparel that is not only functional, but also stylish and trendy. Core values for its products are to be “basic and comfortable, hip, fashionable, and long wearing.” 

8. Adams Headwear

About: Adams Headwear specializes in different types of hats, including baseball caps and outdoor hats. They offer a range of headwear solutions.

9.Kati Sportcap & Bag

About:Kati Sportcap & Bag is a family-owned and -operated business in Houston, Texas. For 30 years, we’ve been the best source for caps and bags with a focus on customer service, dependability, and selection.

10. Cap America

About: Cap America was founded in 1985 in the small community of Fredericktown, MO. This small town and the people in it undoubtedly helped Cap America grow into the successful business it is today and so we strive to be active participants in this community and give back to those who have supported us all these years.

11. Pacific Headwear

About: Pacific Headwear delivers an extensive line of on-trend performance headwear with the highest quality and most consistent decoration and customization options in the industry. Since 1998, Pacific Headwear has been pushing the boundaries of innovation to provide you with the best headwear selection and support for your team, brand, or business. From the classic trucker cap to a high-performance on-field baseball cap, REPRESENT with Pacific Headwear.

12. Bailey Hats

About: In 1922, George S. Bailey, a mid-western man with a penchant for hats, founded the Bailey Hat Company in Los Angeles, California. Bailey saw the emerging need for a hat company that not only catered to the West Coast market, but one that also catered to the Western wear market. George Bailey saw a vast and as yet, untapped customer base in southern California and dedicated himself to providing those customers with fine quality hats and great styling.

13. CamelBak

About: While primarily known for hydration products, CamelBak also offers various outdoor hats and caps, especially suitable for outdoor enthusiasts.

14. Pukka Inc.

About:Proud creator of custom headwear since 1992.We understand what it’s like to want to stand out. Be your own person. Do things no one else is doing, or has ever done. That’s how we got our start designing and delivering truly custom headwear at the lowest minimums in the industry. This way of thinking continues to propel us to the forefront of all things creative and innovative.

15. Decky Brands Group

About: The Decky Apparel Group Headquarters is located in Compton, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. Founded on the vision that apparel should not only be functional but also stylish, Decky provides classic, intentionally designed preeminent apparel that goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

16. Big Accessories

About: Big Accessories is your in-stock resource for hats, bags and aprons. For the past 17 years we have provided our customers with quality product at an incredible value. Our product is stocked in strategic locations throughout the country: our Petaluma, CA warehouse and through the Broder, Alpha Shirt Company, and NES network. In addition to our stock product, we offer custom manufacturing of a wide variety of apparel and accessory items.

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