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You don’t need to be a fashion designer to customize your own hat, but a little knowledge on the subject will definitely come in handy. Time to learn what makes up a hat, as well as the fun process of customizing and ordering.


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How to order

Table of Contents

01-stepone hat

Step One

PICK A PRODUCT. There are a handful of products to consider, like Hats, Visors, Buckets and Cold Weather Knits. And within each there are various silhouettes, like Structured Crown,Unstructured Crown,Cuffed Beanie,Slouchy Beanie and more.

02-steptwo hat

Step Two

CHOOSE SILHOUETTE OPTIONS. There are various options based on the silhouette you choose; potential options include 5-Panel or 6-Panel, traditional/low crown or high crown, visor shape and more.

03-stepthree hat

Step Three

FIND YOUR FABRICS AND COLORS. We've yet to meet anyone who doesn't truly enjoy this part. Choose from numerous fabric and panton color combinations.

04-stepfour hat

Step Four

DECIDE YOUR EMBELLISHMENT LEVEL. . This is a fun part of the process. Raised embroidery, woven label or a screen printed leather patch are just some of the options available which determines your embellishment level.

05-stepfive hat

Step Five

PICK ADDITIONAL UPGRADES. . Based on your silhouette, select custom add-ons like strp, piping, cut and sews, specialty visor stitching, beanie pom and more.

06-stepsix hat

Step Six

ADD FREE CONTRAST COLOR OPTIONS. If you want to compare different renderings, such as Interchange fabrics, visor options, stitching and more by the dozen.


Choose different styles according to different needs

snapback hat cap
Boonie hat
beanie cap hat
cycling hat

Explore Design & Create your outdoor sports hat

Create the style you want, with us!

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05 fast customization cycle

Let's talk & Ask Anything

When it comes to placing an order there are several routes you can choose. We are a little different than most online retailers, but our difference is truly what makes us unique. You won’t find a shopping cart on our page or an “Order Now” button, instead, we want to talk to you personally. You can call us, send an email, send a fax, use the mail service system, or even send a carrier pigeon (expect rain, so laminate your inquiry prior).

Ready to order? Call us at 86-132-0579-0349, or, shoot us a note via the contact form on our contact us page.

Once you’ve approved your design, we’ll start the manufacturing of your order. Your product will then be sent out for shipping. Once in transit, your shipment can take up to five days to arrive at the designated location.

Unfortunately, we do not offer the option to buy just one single hat. Some of our silhouettes are available for order with as low as a 25-piece minimum. However, most of our silhouettes do require a minimum order of 50 hats. This being said, that does NOT mean that all 48 units must look exactly the same. Oh no, no, because we offer extensive design flexibility you are able to incorporate up to four different variations of your hat all within your minimum order. As long as the silhouette and the logo stay the same, you can change just about everything else.

Unlike most fully custom design operations, we do not charge for any setup or design fees. Every hat starts off as a brand-new idea and we want you to be as creative as you want, no charge.

The easiest way to get an estimate on your order is to start a consultation with us. With just a bit of information, we can usually provide you with an estimate very quickly. Once we have the finer details and any add-ons, we can offer you a quote with an exact price.

Customization requires only 3 quick step to print the customized image logo onto the hat

  1. Choose a hat:Confirm the style &color of the hat
  2. Provide content:Logo/pattern is sufficientPSD,Al,JPG ect
  3. Finished product effect:Processing & production, confirm sample

Absolutely! We ship orders all over the world on a daily basis.

Of course, our company has different sample policies for new and old customers. Almost every customer has the opportunity to receive free samples, but you need to pay the corresponding shipping fee

women custom hat cap
orange trucker cap hat

Washing Guide

Doral capprints hats can be washed in either your dishwasher (remove before drying cycle) or in your washing machine (remove before spin cycle.) Let all hats air dry. Prior to washing, we recommend you use a hat wash rack.

Our sun hats can be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher, but remember to take it out before the drying cycle starts. Let the hat air dry.

All Doral knit products should be hand washed in cold water; use a small amount of gentle detergent if necessary. Do not bleach, wring out, or stretch. Gently reshape if needed, then let your knit air dry while flat, and Voilà!

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