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We have helped 50+ clients in Europe, America, and the Middle East grow their businesses.

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We Focus on Outdoor Sports Bandana Designs

We can help you develop new designs, or upgrade existing fashion designs from social media, such as Pinterest or Etsy. Bandana design

is easy to be copied, so we are not going to put our clients’ designs (NDA agreement signed). All bandana styles on this page are for your  reference only.

The main factors to affect Bandana prices are production technology, ink, paper material, fabric,  etc.

So don’t compare prices only by the outer appearance of the bandana.

square scarf

Square Bandana 27*27inch

Fleece Warm Neck Gaiter

Recyclable Tube bandana

Recyclable Tube Bandana

Sun Protection Neck Gaiter

Sun Protection Neck Gaiter

Why Choose Us Instead of Alibaba and Aliexpress

Most Competitive Price

Whether it’s to buy spots or customize, a competitive price is a must.

For many styles of Bandana, our price is at least 10%-25% cheaper than Alibaba’s.

After all, only when your business grows, can we have the next cooperation.

Great Quality & Designs

We focus on high-quality fashion bandana customization.

Bandana needs to be made with good craftsmanship to carry beauty and people’s good wishes.

If you’re going to run a private label business, good quality and great designs are key factors you should consider, which can help you beat your competitors.

Perfect Custom Process

We followed up the whole process including:

  • Factory selecting
  • Design manuscript calibration
  • Sampling
  • Improve the sample until you are satisfied
  • Mass production follow-up
  • One by one QC
  • The final shipping arrangement.

What puts DORAL above the rest

about material


Our bandana is made of High Quality Microfiber which is Soft,Breathable and MoistureWicking. It is comfortable to wearin any positions and all seasons

seamless design


Seamless and No sewn edges to irritate your skin. Lightweight and convenient to take anywhere!Perfect for hiking, running,cycling, fishing, motorcycling etc.

high elasticity


The fabric of these neck face mask are durable and stretchable, great fit for heads of all shapes.One size fits most。 Suitable for men, women andteenagers.


How to Wear

Doral  Neck Gaiters are lightweight and comfortable, they wick away moisture, dry quickly, and breathe well. They can be worn in more than 10+ different ways. You’ll be amazed by how effectively it reduces skin temperature and helps maintain hydration to keep you fresh and ready while outdoors.

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