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How to evaluate whether a supplier is qualified

1. Exhaust The World's Suppliers, Find The Best Value For Money

Purchasing Team

Our sourcing team is very knowledgeable about the market and experienced in the industry

Supplier Evaluation

Keep Secrecy ,No commercial bribery .We will also conduct KPI assessments on suppliers

Our Main Suppliers

Must ensure the raw materials are safe and ECO, so 15+ years of experience is the first choice.

Purchasing Team

Meet our expert
boss CANDY
Mrs. Candy Cheng

20 years industry experience

Long-term research in China’s outdoor sports  industry

Open minded for new idea and new technology

Mr. Frank Ren

More than 8 years experience in Clothes & Accessories industry

Have own factory, knowing very well about cost and quality

Mrs. Cherry Cheng

More than 5 years in cap & hat industry

Knowing very well about the cost and quality of beanie hat and baseball cap 

Supplier Evaluation
Frequently Asked problem Based From Our Clients

Solution:We have a special selection process for our new suppliers, the most important of which is sample inspection and personal inspection of the factory. When we inspect the samples and find that the samples meet our requirements, we will inspect the factory, including inspection of the manufacturer’s production management , Equipment, actual production capacity, talking with the boss, etc., confirm that the samples are produced by this factory and are a reliable long-term partner.

new supplier

Solution:We have the agreement of ground rules with our current suppliers ,they have to support 100% Quality Guaranty,Penalty for late delivery
Keep Secrecy ,No commercial bribery .We will also conduct KPI assessments on suppliers

Our Main Suppliers
Most of them have been cooperated with us more than 10 years

Our main raw material suppliers are: ink factory, yarn factory and printing factory

Ink factory

Wuxi Hongbao Special Type Dysetuff  & Printing  ink Co.,Ltd

The ink factory we choose is with 30 years brand Taiwan wholly-owned Wuxi Hongbao Special Type Dysetuff  & Printing  ink Co.,Ltd

Ranks among the top 5 in the industry nationwide and enjoys a high reputation in the industry

Yarn factory

Jiangxi Baoyuan Colourful Textile Co.,Ltd

As for the selection of yarn factories, this is an important factor for the stability of our product quality and delivery date.Baoyuan a foreign-invested enterprise established by foreign investors.

 Production scale of 400,000 spindles, an annual output of 75,000 tons of yarn, and an annual sales revenue of 1.1 billion RMB;

And  our yarn is directly supplied by the factory, which greatly shortens the time of the sales process, we choose this factory and look at another important reason is the good resilience of the yarn, the turban will not lose elasticity after a few times, which can bring customers a good using experience.

Printing factory

Shandong Yongtai Paper Co.,Ltd

An old enterprise with more than 15 years of history, also enjoys a good reputation in the industry.

High purity of their factory pulp, few impurities, very good paper quality, and good absorption and permeability of paper ink,

Especially in the printing of balaclava with light base color, must use the highest specifications of paper, so as to make the printed product pattern vivid and beautiful.

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