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How to Control the Production of Hats

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weaving rinsing

1.We have the latest high-speed weaving machine, 50 sets per day, which can produce 3-color raw materials

2.We purchase the raw materials ourselves,which can ensure that the yarn is used optimally,woven cloth is very uniform, will not be thick and thin.Weaving with good quality will make the fabric more flexible after adding softener during washing.

drying shaping

1.Drying is the most important, because after the fabric over water, drying steps  determine the process of all the printing, including the shrinkage of the fabric, the transfer of the color degree,Wearing comfort ect.

2.The core of shaping  is temperature control, which determines whether the width of the finished fabric can be controlled evenly and whether it can maintain a soft feel after the high-temperature heat transfer printing.


1.We use the full-automatic machine to cut and shape before printing, and then it will enter the lint slinging machine for beating. However, most manufacturers on the market first cycle print and then cut(Because if the shaping process is not very good, positioning printing will be bubbling & warping, resulting in the finished product will be pass), which will lead to the fabric hardening and the comfort of the finished product will decline.

2.The master of plate making is a senior worker, for which place out of the question, can find out the reason, go to solve off, and will not happen suddenly, do not know why it will appear.

color matching

1.We will do a scratch sample comparison (Pantone number) .  If the color does not match our master’s requirements during this process, we will not go to the machine to print.

2.We print only two sheets on one machine, and both lines use position printing. To make sure that the logo and pattern of each scarf are in the same printing position. At the same time, the positioning printing is printed after the fabric is cut, and the fabric shrinks naturally, so our printed products have a better feel and elasticity.When printing, four workers are needed on one line to check the printing quality.

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