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How to control product quality

Inspection process

Inspection process

How to Quality control

Specialized personnel are responsible for following up the production of orders, product acceptance according to AQL standards, and issuing inspection reports in English and Chinese.

Documentary responsibilities

In order to ensure that orders are completed on time and with quality, each action will have strict work instructions. Even in the event that order information needs to be modified during production, there will be a formal notice issued and both parties must confirm before continuing. The customer should finally receive a delivery notice.

AQL test standard

The AQL testing level will be determined according to the customer’s requirements.Testing will generally be done according to AQL4.0.

 However, for customers with high quality requirements, ALQ10 testing will be used to ensure that the product meets their standards.


What Our Clients Say

coustomer for italy 2019
Korean Customers

New fabric development


It greatly satisfies the fabric weight of 180gsm (usually 130gsm and 150gsm), and also achieves the anti-ultraviolet function. I am very satisfied with this cooperation

coustomer for italy 2019
Online Brand Sales

Minimum order quantity


Because of the small quantity, they used digital printing to achieve my printing effect

Incoming Material Inspection


Raw Material Selection

As we all know, raw materials have a great and direct impact on finished products. Safe and environmentally friendly materials can make our customers feel at ease.

We use high-quality raw materials, so the finished products do not contain azo, have no irritating smell, and the printing effect is good, the color is bright, and the color fastness is also very good.

We have certificates for all fabrics, especially functional fabrics, such as anti-bacterial, wrinkle resistant, UV resistant, etc

Detail Quality Control

  • Color scheme

The quality of the ink determines the brightness of the printed headscarf and the environmental performance of the product, and the color fastness of the product.

For example, some special colors require special inks to match the color. If you don’t use a good ink to match the color, you can’t print the color, e.g. blue.

Because in the printing process, alcohol and isobutanol must be added, if the ink is not good, these two reagents will interfere with the printing effect, especially the background color varied patterns and layered patterns will not be printed.

  • printing paper

The printed paper determines the clarity  of our printing patterns and the accuracy of our products so we require a machine that can produce 8000-10000 stickers of rice paper per day. After high requirements capacity will not go up, it will lead to our costs are higher than others.

production process inspection

Inspection ratio:

1. QTY Check & Registration

2. CTN & G.W. Check

3. Packaging Check

4. Product Check (Size; Printing; Color; Dirty spot; Cutline)

5. Standard pre-shipment sample photo for you check

Inspection ratio:

1. Inspection when printing: 0.5%

2. Inspection when packing: 100%

3. Inspection before shipping: AQL4.0

PS. We refuse all the inferior-quality product

No color difference Only 2 sheets--printing temperature uniform
4-6 sheets--he temperature of the two outermost lines is different from the middle 2-4 strips.
Same positionn & comfortable Postioning printing
the Circulation printing need to constantly straighten the fabric, so that the elasticity of the fabric in its natural state does not shrink
NO impurities Pad paper only used one time
Pad paper Used 2-3 times
Quality check At least four workers for one line
Only two people operate the machine
production examples


One machine: 4-6 sheets

Four-six production lines: Circulation printing

Two workers: Operating the machine

Pad paper: only uses 2-3  time

QC check
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