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How to Inventory management

1. Warehouse Picture---show case

The warehouse pictures mainly show our raw materials, white blanks, printing templates, finished products area.

The goods are placed so that they are “stored in separate warehouses, zoning management, classification and placement, business numbering”.

The ground is paved with box skins to prevent moisture damage to the mold.

Storage picture

2. Storage management

general situation

First , the details of all goods in and out of the warehouse need to be reported to the warehouse management, they are mainly responsible for receiving and acceptance, packaging and sorting work, confirming the goods into the warehouse and goods out of the warehouse.

Secondly, we will do a good job to keep the goods properly, and all kinds of prevention work, to ensure the safe storage of materials, no accident.

Finally, regular stocktaking (weekly & monthly), there will be financial checks to see if there is any difference between the financial stocktaking data and the number of self-stocking in the warehouse

  • Warehouse clerks clean up every day to keep the floor, walls, doors, windows, shelves, tools, tables and chairs clean and tidy.
  • Regularly clean up the waste and sundries in the warehouse, and timely discover the hidden dangers of four pests such as rats.
    Regularly sort out warehouse materials and classify them in a timely manner.
  • The indoor temperature was maintained at 27.8 degrees Celsius.
Fire protection
  • Fire prevention signs are posted
  • all personnel are strictly prohibited from smoking in the warehouse, and are strictly prohibited from carrying fire and flammable and explosive materials.
  • Offenders will be fined.
  • Each warehouse is equipped with at least one dry powder fire extinguisher and one emergency light. conspicuous and fixed
  • Regularly check whether there are hidden dangers of rain leakage or water ingress in the roof, walls, windows, doors, exhaust outlets etc.and especially check the warehouse walls and floors for moisture.
  • Before leaving at the end of each day, all doors and windows of the warehouse must be locked to prevent rain.
  • Goods must be placed on the shelves off the ground.
  • Each warehouse is equipped with at least one dry powder fire extinguisher and one emergency light. conspicuous and fixed

3. Sample Showroom

Our sample room has a large inventory, a variety of samples, and good packaging. Each salesperson will keep the samples of each customer to ensure that the color details are consistent when the next return is made, provide customers with a choice, reduce costs for customers, and stabilize the customer market.

Sample Showroom
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